2008 – Blue Army – Alma Mater

To the tune of Hurt by Johnny Cash

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I find myself alone
A bonfire at my back
My brothers have moved on
Their lives on different tracks
I think back to my first
Buried in the sand
What the counselors try to teach
I could never understand

Where has the time gone?
The end is near
I cannot promise
That I’ll be back next year
But ten months from now
The flame will reignite
Camp will still go on
Things will be alright

Next year is my turn
No clue what to say
My heart is overwhelmed
My mind’s in disarray
Bunk 14 is here
This fire is our own
We stand up arm in arm
Our future still unknown


The flames burn to the ground
Then fade into the night
We cross right over left
And praise the blue and white
Bomb Pop in my hand
We sing that day is done
But I’ve come to learn
That life has just begun


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